CMF inc. is working to develop many maker challenges. 2017 we are working on everything from ChampBots to Business Innovator Recognition and the Maker of the Year.

ChampBot Challenge

The ChampBot Challenge is your opportunity to show off your technical skills and your creativity at the same time. The challenge is to build and complete obstacles that require precision and practical know-how while designing a bot that brings out aesthetic skills. CMMF is currently working on finalizing the details for this year’s ChampBot.

Adopt a Maker

Adopt-a-Maker is about providing you resources – financial and expertise – to help you realize your ideas and creations. If you have an idea, a desire and the will to follow through to design, develop, test, and maybe take to market, fill out this form.

Maker Pro Challenge

CMF inc. is working on developing an open source problem identification challenge that’s end result is to address a society issue that will make the world around us a better place. Utilizing DesignBook as the open source challenge platform and ending the competition with a presentation/awards ceremony at the 2016 Champlain Mini Maker Faire.

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