Computers that learn exponentially, new clean and largely unknown energy sources, craft economies, personal flying, new degrees and credentialing systems, realtime health diagnosis, an expanded entrepreneur-force, problem and project based education, schools with tools and equipment/makerspaces, and a culture that stimulates innovation is what lies ahead. CMF inc. develops these education initiatives:

Maker Curriculum:

A special thank you to Connecticut College of Technology, Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing and the National Science Foundation!

TV Series

National Initiatives

  • National Association for Workforce Improvement
    NAWI is celebrating its 50th year in the new Silicon Valley north of Albany New York in Saratoga Springs where we will convene with the founders of Tech Valley. NAWI prides itself for leading trends and policy in Career and Technical Education.
  • North American Innovation Institute (NAII)
    Innovation education including engineering, arts and humanities, and entrepreneurship are going to be highlighted in this new institute on making in education. Education leaders from both US and Canada will convene to create new directions that engage our youth in making our world a better place. For more information contact

Vermont Initiatives

  • Makerspace Management & Development
    CMF inc. helps to create makerspaces in communities, libraries, schools, and businesses as a place with tools, an open network among makers, and education on how to do it all (which includes coordination of insurance, grants, workforce eduction and more). Contact
  • Maker Faire Management & Development
    Champlain Mini Maker Faire was created to ignite interest in making and grow the maker movement throughout the region. CMF co-produced the SolarFest Mini Maker Faire and assists other communities in creating Maker Faires including the soon to be released School Maker Faire. Contact


Initiatives Under Development

  • Maker Badges
  • MakerTainer Pros
  • Maker Based Learning
  • Teacher Maker Externships
  • Making Education Hangouts
  • Robotics Education Forums
  • Collaboration Among Makers

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