CMF inc. acts as a catalyst to grow a renewed culture of innovation by developing and facilitating maker events, collaborative networks, and educational programming.

Anybody can be a maker. Anyone can explore, invent, build, share, and sell. We are about shifting minds in our community, about renewing our culture of innovation.

We do this by promoting making, to show that exploring, inventing, building and sharing is cool and is the envy of all. We want people who traditionally would not be involved to say, “I can do that!” We act as a catalyst to encourage making everywhere: in community makerspaces, libraries, museums, businesses, homes, garages, and schools.

The event that started it all was the Champlain Mini Maker Faire (CMMF), a two day event where makers and participants of all ages come together to show and tell, share and celebrate things made in our community. CMF inc., founder and host of the CMMF also provides information on making, Makerspace development, development and administration of regional Maker Faires, a TV Show and Tell, “Makers on Screen”, and others activities that promote and encourage making.

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Think it. Make it. A Renewed Culture of Innovation.

View the CMF Maker Spectrum. A special Thank You to our CMMF and CMF inc. Boards.

Creators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Thinkers, Leaders, Scientists, & Engineers.

The maker movement has created demand for making in schools and colleges. Problem based learning and entrepreneurship are increasingly important in today’s innovation-force driven economy. Champlain College, a private school located in Burlington Vermont has created a Maker Lab where students in the Emergent Media program have access to tools and equipment that allow students to create beyond the CAD screen. Ken Howell, Assistant Professor at Champlain will discuss what it means for college students.